To master Boxing start with Zhanzhuang.

Inhaling and exhaling naturally and quietly, you perceive the mechanism of all movements, avail yourself of the universe, and stand at the centre holding the key.

You train your mind and regulate your nerve system, preserving the heavenly wisdom and maintaining the state of meditation.

You are ready to act in response to all possible situations.

It can be compared to Taoist and Buddhist doctrines, being similar to them in profundity and subtlety.

This boxing is based on spirit and mind.

Keep bones all over the body well-balanced, the bending of the joints are kept within a limit and your breathing should be deep, smooth and gentle.

Dismiss all distracting thoughts from your mind, listen to the drizzling rain. Nothing is allowed to be attached to it, in meditation you face up towards the sky, without desire you set your mind on nothing.

Mind is transformed from within; breathing is regulated by the quiet mind.

With the universe in your mind you learn Shili through perception.

Muscles are as strong as steel bands, at the fulcrum strength it is as gentle as a fine silk. The spiral force works in an invisible way the whole body is like a powerful spring. Joints bend and turn like gears, force comes from the mind.

Muscles tighten and relax like frightened snakes; steps are as swift as sweeping winds, at the top of the head a magical force exists.

With eyes slightly closed and mind concentrated, you see nothing and hear next to nothing. Your lower abdomen should remain full, while chest sink a bit, motion rest in stillness and visa versa, with spirit directing them both.

Coordinate relaxation and tension without slipperiness or stagnation, bending and stretching succeed each other immediately, substantiality and insubstantiality interchange automatically.

Reserve your strength like a bow being fully drawn, the force being discharged is like electricity, fast as lighting. You are full of strength within and around, bones are like spears, let strength bust out at a mere touch and make it stay on without interruption. Movements must be performed with no fixed intension with heroic spirit you can shake the heaven and earth, with a broad mind you have the worlds in your heart. How can such great attainments be accomplished? – The answer lies in the skillful cultivation of the noble spirit.

What has been said above is abstract through; spiritually you must practice it conscientiously.

Wang Xiangzhai.